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Web and Mobile Social Platform for Cancer

Can-Scope is a web and mobile platform designed to bridge the "information disconnect" between cancer patients, family and friends of cancer patients, doctors, and researchers. We envision one location where all of these important players converge to find, share, and converse about relevant information pertaining to each cancer type. Payers and providers can use the portal as a patient care management system to engage the patient and ensure proper care and survival of the cancer patient from the point of diagnosis.

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Under the Hood

  • Custom Elastic Search Algorithm
  • Individualized data and statistics gathered from various databases
  • Patient-Doctor-Researcher joint interaction platform
  • Tons of features and easy to use
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Can-Scope Synergy

What do you get?

  • Interactive Info-Source

    One simple-to-use interface to find information on various cancers for future Survival rates and past trends.

  • Customized Search

    Use our search for customized results on clinical trials, papers, new therapies, and more.

  • Bridging the Gap

    Bridging the “Information Disconnect” between patients, doctors, and researchers through our online forum.

  • Patient Care Management

    Simple Patient Care Management system to engage the patient and ensure best care from time of diagnosis.

Who Are We?

Can-Scope was started as a direct result of a problem encountered by its founders: the pain of trying to find information for cancer patients to help them better understand their disease and what can be done to ensure survival. In 2014, Mahesh Narayanan and Natarajan Ganesan set out to fix the problem and Can-Scope was born.

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